Founder of AIHR. Expert and speaker, in Digital HR and People Analytics

Erik van Vulpen pictureWelcome to my personal website. Although it feels kind of retro to have one in this era of social media, I still wanted to have one to tell you a bit more about what I do.

I have always been fascinated by HR and technology, and have been active in the digital HR space since my studies. I am the founder of the Academy to Innovate HR, or AIHR. AIHR is the largest online educator of HR professionals worldwide, with over 10 million annual visitors and tens of thousands of active members.

Curriculum vitae

I obtained a bachelor’s in law, a bachelor’s and master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (with honors) and a master’s in Business Administration (with honors) while studying at Utrecht University and VU University Amsterdam (the Netherlands).

After my studies, I worked for a year at a venture builder. During this time I developed tech solutions for the problems that HR professionals run into in their daily lives. In 2016, I moved on to found the AIHR Analytics website together with my business partner Nando Steenhuis, followed by AIHR one year later. In 2019, we acquired Digital HR, which was at the time the leading platform in the HR Technology space.

It is my mission to make HR more business-driven and evidence-based through upskilling of HR professionals and empowering of HR leaders.

Publication about AIHR in the Time’s Future of HR

Speaking & Training

I am a (keynote) speaker and occasional conference chair on the topics of People Analytics, Digital HR, and the Future of Work. I have trained HR professionals and leadership teams around the world to create awareness of the power of data in HR and how data can be leveraged to drive business outcomes and lasting change.

Erik van Vulpen at Digital HR in Moscow

At HR Digital in Moscow

Erik van Vulpen at Digital HR PanelIn my speaking engagements, I emphasize the critical role that People Analytics plays in transforming HR from a traditionally intuition-based field to a data-driven practice. Throughout the years, we’ve helped transform many HR organizations into more data-driven practices.

I believe that people analytics is one of the tools that an HR professional and leader should have in their toolkit.

I regularly talk about digital HR and AI. Most HR service delivery is happening through technology these days, however, in HR we often fail to leverage technology to drive HR outcomes or achieve efficiencies. Generative AI is one of the ways to do so.

Erik van Vulpen at Global HR Forum Korea
At Global HR Forum in Seoul

I also write the annual AIHR HR Trends Report, an analysis of how market and societal trends are impacting HR strategies and policies. I also teach some of the courses in our AIHR portfolio, including our ChatGPT for HR course, part of our HR Business Partner and People Analytics Certificate Program.

If you are interested in upskilling your HR team, are looking for a strategic partner to build the capabilities your organization needs to realize its HR strategy, or just want to stay up to date, please connect with me on LinkedIn.

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