Founder of AIHR. Expert, speaker, and conference chair in Digital HR and HR analytics

Erik van VulpenWelcome to my personal website. Although it feels kind of retro to have one in this era of social media, I still wanted to have one to tell you a bit more about what I do.

I have always been fascinated by HR and technology, and have been active in the digital HR space since my studies. First while developing different HR apps, later as founder of the Academy to Innovate HR, called AIHR. AIHR is a highly influential brand with multiple websites that attracted over 2 million HR professionals last year alone. In addition, AIHR is the largest online educator in the people analytics and digital HR space.

Curriculum vitae

I obtained a bachelor’s in law, a bachelor’s and master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (with honors) and a master’s in Business Administration (with honors) while studying at Utrecht University and VU University Amsterdam (the Netherlands).

After my studies, I worked for a year at a venture builder. During this time I developed tech solutions for the problems that HR professionals run into in their daily lives. In 2016, I moved on to found the AIHR Analytics website together with my business partner Nando Steenhuis, followed by AIHR one year later. In 2019, we acquired AIHR Digital (formerly known as Digital HR, the leading platform in the HR Technology space).

It is my mission to make HR more evidence-based. I believe that the best way to do this is to take a bottom-up approach: If we can reach sufficient HR practitioners world-wide, we can change how Human Resources are managed. All my activities in HR tech and analytics revolve around this mission.

Publication about AIHR in the Time’s Future of HR

Speaking & Training

I am a trainer, (keynote) speaker, and conference chair about HR analytics and digital HR. I am very interactive in my talks and presentations and always challenge the HR professional on commonly held assumptions.

HR professionals have a lot of questions, like: how do I get started with HR analytics? Which tools do I need to implement a better performance management system? How do we leverage technology to stay competitive? What is this thing called digital HR that everyone is talking about?

Erik van Vulpen at Digital HR in Moscow

At HR Digital 2019 in Moscow

All these questions are related, highly relevant and having the right answers can make the difference between a successful digital people strategy and a failing one. I train and educate management and HR professionals on how to do this.

Below you’ll find a brief clip of a keynote of mine at Digi_HR in Athens about the Digital Workforce.

If you are interested in online HR education, want me to speak at an event or have a more general business inquiry, please drop me a line at or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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