I’m AN ENTREPRENEUR, speaker, AND expert in Digital HR and HR analytics

Erik van VulpenWelcome to my personal website. Although it feels kind of retro to have one in this era of social media, I still wanted to have one to tell you a bit more about what I do.

I have always been fascinated by HR and technology, and have been active in the digital HR space since my studies. First while developing different HR apps, later as founder of Analytics in HR and the HR Analytics Academy. Analytics in HR is a highly influential website with hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. The HR Analytics Academy is the largest online educator in the people analytics space. You can read my full bio here.

Speaking & Training
I am a speaker and trainer on the topic of HR analytics and digital HR.

HR professionals have a lot of questions, like: how do I get started with HR analytics? Which tools do I need to implement a better performance management system? How do we leverage technology to stay competitive?

All these questions are related, highly relevant and having the right answers can make the difference between a successful digital people strategy and a failing one. I train and educate management and HR professionals on how to do this.

Below you’ll find a brief clip of a keynote of mine at Digi_HR in Athens about the Digital Workforce.

If you want to reach me or make a business inquiry, please drop me a line at erik@analyticsinhr.com or connect with me on LinkedIn.


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