Hi, I am Erik van Vulpen, founder of Analytics in HR. I help companies improve their business strategy and their employees’ lives by leveraging technology and data.

Erik van Vulpen

I finished a bachelor’s in law, a bachelor’s and master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology (with honors) and a master’s in Business Administration (with honors) while studying at Utrecht University and VU University Amsterdam.

After my studies, I worked a few years for a venture builder in Utrecht. During this time I developed tech solutions for the problems that HR professionals run into in their daily lives. In 2016, I founded Analytics in HR together with my business partner Nando Steenhuis. Analytics in HR has quickly grown to become the largest HR analytics community worldwide. It is also one of the most visited HR blogs in the world with hundreds of thousands of yearly visitors.

I am also a founder of the HR Analytics Academy, which offers online analytics training to HR practitioners. Occasionally, I write for digitalHRtech.com, a platform dedicated to information about digital HR and HR tech. I am associated with the Utrecht School of Economics (Utrecht University) as a part-time lecturer for a few days a month.

It’s my personal mission to make HR more data-driven. The only way to do this is to take a bottom-up approach: If we can reach a large part of the world’s HR practitioners we can change how Human Resources are managed. All my activities in HR tech and analytics revolve around this mission.

To achieve this I write articles, speak at conferences and train business partners and senior HR leaders in HR analytics and digital HR. Check a clip of one of my talks if you haven’t already!